My LPA (Wokingham) require developers to give away 40% of their plots for social housing if they are applying for more than 5 houses or if their site is larger than 0.16 hectares.

I am proposing to build a single 150m2 house on back-garden land which is accessed via an existing private road which already supplies four other houses.

Wokingham has a policy that access roads count towards the 0.16 hectare limit, so due to the length of the access road (the garden size is nothing remarkable), my plot size is larger than 016 hectares. The LPA is therefore insisting that since I cannot deliver 40% of a single house to a housing association, I must pay them a cash-equivalent amount of 40% of the gross development value.

The estimated GDV of my house is £450,000, so they are demanding a payment of £180,000 towards social housing, plus a further CIL payment of £365 per square metre, which is £54,750.

Is there anything I can do?

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