I am currently hunting for a plot of land to build on, but have pretty specific requirements for the location, which is further complicated by the presence of green belt land.
I have therefore been looking for existing properties with large gardens, with the intention of buying part of the garden from the owner.
I have now identified a couple of such properties, but am now unsure how to go about asking the owners as I don’t want them to make a snap ‘no’ decision because they think either I’m done sort of scammer or that I’d be inconsiderate during the build.
I was thinking that ringing on their doorbell might be preferable to a letter, but how should I actually ask?

– Dave

  • Mark Brinkley

    Perhaps via a letter of introduction? Say what it is you are looking for and what you are hoping to achieve. You have to convince your potential new neighbours that you will not only give them a fair price for their loss, but will become a good neighbour yourself in future.

    A cold call may work better in some instances, but you risk alienating the owners at the outset. Many will already have been approached about their valuable garden land and may not be well disposed to yet another "chancer" knocking on their door.

  • David George

    Thanks for your reply Mark – very helpful (I hope!)

    – Dave

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