I am after some building advice which may be difficult to explain here, but I will try: I previously built a ground floor extension with adequate footings and roof joists so I could eventually build on top of it. I am now ready to do this, and I wish to take on the job myself.

However I am a bit stumped on how I can achieve this, because the first floor extension to go on the ground floor extension will not span either the entire width or length of the one underneath it. For planning reasons I could not go the whole depth and had to come back 1 meter, and the width had to come in 1.5 meters on one side, so effectively only one wall of the new extension will be sitting on the wall below it. The facing and flank wall will sit only on the ground floor ceiling joists,

I suspect this isn’t acceptable due to loadings etc. So I am a bit stumped. Do I construct a wall to wall floor that sits across the load bearing walls and build on this? Or is there no problem with the upper walls loaded onto the joists below as long as I spread the load somehow?

I want to build the upper extension in timber frame, with a pitched roof of tiles, the lower extension is standard cavity block work. I realise I could get some builders around, but do not want to waste their time. Would Building control offer advice on this ?

Many thanks in advance.

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