We need to get Code Level 4 on our self-build. We need to pay a consultant to advise/assist us through the process (over and above architects fees). Just wondering what is a reasonable amount to pay in South East England on a 5 bed detached self build?

  • Jim Warner

    Paying £2.5k for one in East Anglia. Get them involved early, as they can make a positive difference at the design stage.

  • Ben Coombs

    I am a code assessor in Brighton. We typically charge around the £2.2 – £2.4k mark with BRE fees (£370) and VAT on top. I agree with Jims advice on appointing them early. This can save thousands if done and you can then spend the money in the right areas to maximise the credits e.g. on insulation, materials rather than then having to spend the money on reports that your never going to need.

  • Ben Powell

    Many thanks both – really helpful

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