I need to replace a section of damaged guttering, above my bay window. Please could you advise me on how to measure what size I need and also how to carry out the repair correctly?

Also I’m so cold sitting in my lounge, it feels like an icy draft is coming up from under the floor. Could you explain what could have happened here and how I should go about solving this problem? My next door neighbour told me that the so called builder that owned my property briefly before me, came with an articulated lorry and removed everything that was good from the property. It seems as a result of this so called builder I’m living in an uninsulated, unsound-proofed shell of a building?

To make things worse, the IFA who I went to handle my purchase of my first home and specifically told I wanted “a full survey” (being the daughter of a master builder — sadly deceased), ignored my request and only had a basic survey carried out before I purchased the property…

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