I have recently purchased a house in Luxembourg and want to re-use the old floor boards which we found after ripping up 3 layers of lyno.

I think the floor is pine and ideally we would like to darken it a little. We plan to first sand the floor before treating it. My question is with what and how best to treat the wood so that it is long lasting and doesn’t chip. We would prefer to treat the floor with a type of oil rather than varnish.

You can see a picture of the floor here:


  • Lindsey Davis

    Hi Matthew,

    My dad swears by Danish oil. It is stupidly easy to apply – you just rub it on with a thickish cloth.

    Other benefits are it doesn’t have that solventy stench and it doesn’t crack or chip like varnish. He applied it to their staircase bannisters about ten years ago and has only had to do one top-up since (I’m not sure how this compares with the manufacturers instructions).

    When you initially apply, it makes the wood go a tiny bit darker, and then it deepens, as it would under varnish, over time. Your floorboards look in pretty good nick, with nice graining so I would certainly recommend it as it really shows off the grain.


  • Matthew Genazzini

    Thanks Lindsey, this will really help.

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