Does anybody know if the governments latest scheme will be relevant to self build mortgages? I don’t seem to be able to get any information anywhere in regards to this issue in relation to the self build mortgage sector!


  • Anonymous

    Hi Antony
    The intention – and what I’m hearing – is that it will. Expect details in the coming weeks.

  • Lindsey Davis

    No specific news on Help to Buy for self build yet, but it is worth noting that certain mortgage providers who offer self-build mortgages are offering mortgages up to 90%. (Ecology for one

    This isn’t much lower than the Help to Buy 95% and means your monthly repayments would be lower.

  • Lindsey Davis

    A few of the other providers on the table in the link I posted will let you borrow quite a lot for self build. However, Ecology is the highest. Most offer 75/80%.

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