We are currently building an upside down house on an elevated plot. The front of the house is south facing and includes a large amount of glazing. We have specified laminated low energy glass to the southern elevations. The ceiling on the first floor will be vaulted and includes two large Velux windows which will be electronically controlled when the temperature reaches the triggers set.

We have specified underfloor heating but we are concerned about the heat on the first floor in the summer from solar gain and have looked at a ventilation system. The advice we have received does not consider what would be the best holistic solution for our property, and depending on who I ask they recommend the solution they know best.

We are now in the position where we potentially have heat recovery to address the ventilation and underfloor heating which is complete overkill as we now have two heating systems recommended because of our concern re the ventilation of the first floor. To further complicate things my wife likes the idea of underfloor heating but wants the upstairs ventilated. Would you be able to suggest the best solution for our circumstances.

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