we have a large garden plot attached to our semi detached house. Unfortunately our house and garden have been classified as both greenbelt and outside of the village boundary. We believe that this demarcation is wrong and that it should be classed as an infill plot. The dicotomie we now have is that the local county council are drawing up the local plan , do we try and get our land included or do we apply for planning before the local plan is finalized. Just worried that if we do not get included in the new draft plan that any application will be refused because of this. We have strong support from both our councillors and county councillor , was hoping that if it went to a committe decision that they would see the merit of our appeal. There have been other properties built within a mile of us that were both in greenbelt and classed as being outside the village boundary that were passed as infill plots. Ours is cited next to an allotment with the other house next to ours being 50 feet away. Any help or advice on which avenue to try would be great. The local plan is estimated to commence in Sptember. – See more at: http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/advice/project-tips/planning-permission/readers-questions#sthash.ExQXa8Vo.dpuf

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