Although the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LBCP) was always predicted to end this summer – there was about £3m worth of funding left in the pot and it is all due to be replaced by the lucrative Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which offers cashback for green energy generated – its early closure yesterday as part of the new Government’s swingeing ’emergency’ cuts puts the emerging solar and heat pump market in a very difficult situation.

Although anyone installing a solar panel or heat pump today will still enjoy the RHI when the programme kicks in next year, this next few months is likely to be a little flat for suppliers – many customers will simply wait until next year to get instant financial help rather than install for a year or so without any financial assistance.

This is particularly an issue because the RHI is still at a stage where the detail has been undecided and nothing is set in stone. This Government, which talks a good game about creating a green economy, has within two weeks left dozens of companies in limbo.

  • A Cotterell

    Why can’t a ‘selfbuilder’ instal their own renewable systems and gain the new incentives to suppy the grid. Why do they think that only bonafide installers should have this right of installation. I have been an Associate Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and as such I am competent enough to do this myself. Its a ‘close shop’ deal that has no foundation whatsoever just to protect their own interests. There should be an alternative option for capable self-builders with a final check from local planning office before connection. Another HMG ‘stitch-up’


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