My dream since watching Grizzly Adams as a child has been to build a log house to live in (albeit 2 stories and 3 bedrooms), but I’m unsure as to how to get the right land. I live in Kent and there are many farms selling land around the area where I live.

With the new rules the government are talking about is it going to make it easier for me to buy a piece of pasture land of about 3 to 4 acres with a small amount of woodland and about 0.5 acres of meadow?

Later my plan is to dig a small lake, stock it with fish and allow people to fish on a day ticket, this would cover my retirement too.

Are my plans too ambitious or would I stand a chance of getting permission for them?

The house would also be eco-friendly using as much solar and wind energy as possible and use a ‘fosse septique’ for sewage.

  • Mark Brinkley

    Your dream is not easy to achieve, especially in a well populated county like Kent. But it’s not impossible, though I suspect it might take many years to achieve. Just building a house in open countryside is very unlikely to win planners approval, even with the new planning regime (NPPF). But establishing a small farm/smallholding is not so difficult and then you might seek to establish a need for a constant presence onsite (such as tending livestock or fish). This in turn may lead to you being able to get permission to build a farmhouse under an agricultural tie, which effectively means that you wouldn’t be able to sell the house on the open market. But it’s a long and exhaustive process and many people give up because they can’t get to build what they want.

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