Where would be the best, and more importantly the most reliable place I can get the current costs of fuel prices. All of the websites I have found have a bias towards one method or another and surprisingly their product makes the most sense! I have seen the price of gas between 3p and 5p which makes a significant difference.

I would appreciate the figures in p/kWh in order to run my calculations as to which is cheaper. I appreciate the factors of location and bulk etc so not overly concerned but FYI the project will be a 3 bed ICF dwelling in Yorkshire.

Thanks for your help!

  • Mark Brinkley

    I use the Nottingham Energy Partnerships website http://www.nottenergy.com/energy_cost_comparison/

    It’s independent and fairly accurate.

    One problem though is that both gas and electricity have multiple tariffs and, in particular, a horrible habit of charging two rates, a high rate for the fist batch and a lower rate thereafter. This is, in effect, the old standing charge arrangement. This makes it very difficult to make a direct comparison as you have to know how much fuel you will be burning before you can get to a realistic price.

  • Richard Mitchell

    That’s great, thank you Mark.


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