Now that the roof is on and completed we are getting stuck into the first fix. Some weeks ago we sat down with Toby, our electrician, and went through our requirements in detail. We marked up a set of plans for him to show exactly where we wanted every plug socket and light fitting. He has commented that this doesn’t often happen on jobs but it’s really useful and helps to avoid confusion as the job progresses. It also means that we can avoid expensive extras and changes later on as he is able to run cables and set fittings ahead of the plaster boarding and skimming.


So, whilst Toby has been busy running the cabling in, Jake and Reg, the plumbers, have been hard at work installing the underfloor heating which will run under the large open plan kitchen/family area. They have also put in all the first fix plumbing for the radiators and the three bathrooms.

Meanwhile the carpenters (Keith, Jamie and Luke) have finished the first fix stud work. This has allowed us to really see the size of the new upstairs rooms. Again the benefits of Will being on site every day have been very evident as we have changed the layout of the upstairs bathroom, removed a previously planned upstairs cupboard to add extra space to the bathroom, and enlarged one of the bedrooms. All of these changes are so much easier and cheaper to do at the time rather than later in the project.

Will, Jack and the carpenters have been fitting flooring upstairs and down (a real bonus for me as I hate heights and walking around on the joists upstairs made me feel quite ill!!)

We have also installed the flue ready for the wood burning stove and the hand-built staircase has been fitted (minus the spindles for now to avoid them getting damaged). We opted for a bespoke staircase despite the extra cost as we wanted the stairway to be wider than average to create a real feature.

The next stage is the arrival of the windows, the kitchen and the plaster boarding and skimming……we hope to blog about all of this really soon. We’re entering week 16 of the project, dare I say, on schedule at the moment. We saw some of our family at the weekend and they said how much they are looking forward to Xmas lunch in our new home. Let’s hope we can meet that deadline!!

  • Paul Doherty

    I just wondered if there was a latest update?? I am looking to do a similar project and have been following closely. Also would you quote a rough budget?

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