I think we all know that insulation is one of the fundamentals when it comes to making a house energy efficient and while that may be relatively straightforward for new builds, retrofitting is more of a challenge. In fact it unsettles me how complicated retrofitting can be. It would be so nice to slap on the insulation and be done with it but of course it’s not that easy!

In my latest podcast Tim Hulse from EcoVert Solutions explains some of the considerations he makes when choosing insulation for his projects. Most of Tim’s work is on period properties and it does seem that thinking about moisture is at the heart of what he does – nobody wants their home to rot away due to interstitial condensation ten years down the line, particular when they thought they’d just upgraded it.

I also found it interesting that most of Tim’s clients come to him with one of two issues. Either they are too cold in the winter and want to increase the comfort levels in their houses or they have existing problems with damp or mould that they want to address. Few people seem interested in doing this for the environment or even to save money. So if comfort is a big driver when it comes to energy efficiency I really do wonder whether Passivhaus will suddenly see a spike in popularity. It took me a number of house visits to fully appreciate what a better indoor environment meant. I believe many people are yet to be enlightened!

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