Do I need planning permission to extend between existing kitchen extension and the wall from otherside, which is a veranda at the moment with a ceiling and doors opening there from kitchen and the living room. Basically we want to add this veranda to the existing kitchen and living room also put a wet room to the other side. Do we need a planning permission for that since we don’t go beyond our walls? Thank you

  • Adam


    The process of adding to your property, even if it is just "filling in" spaces between walls or extensions will usually invite the need to gain planning permission. Planning is not there simply to prevent you from getting what you want but to keep in check the scale and quality of development in your area. It might not seem that way to the average homeowner seeking to make a modest extension to their home but the council are constantly fighting against unscrupulous overdevelopment that some seek to undertake. Ultimately the planners are there to safeguard our built environment.

    Anyway, I digress. Back to the point in hand. In your particular case Serkan you may not actually need to gain planning permission in order to do the work you propose. There are now certain works that fall under what’s known as "Permitted Development". These permitted development rights are a list of building additions that you can make to your home without seeking planning approval. That said, you should first speak to your local council planning department or other suitably qualified professional about whether the job you propose falls within permitted development.

    In this case I think it would be wisest to go directly to the council planners. You mention that you have already extended your home and previous development can often impact your PD rights.

    Once you have discovered whether you need planning or not you are free to proceed. If it is required you can begin the process of getting plans drawn and submitted. If you don’t then do not forget that any building work you undertake will require building regulations approval. This is completely separate from planning and is absolutely essential. It will not affect your proposal in any way. It seeks only to ensure that your work will be compliant with current safety and building standards.

    Good luck Serkan. Your plans sounds great. I hope you get what you want.

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