Hi I want to build a simple 3 bedroom detached house on a green field site. Of course I want to keep costs down and although I have no first hand experience of building a house I am confident in
my ability to manage the process.

Do I need an architect? Of course I need someone to draw up and submit plans that conform with regulations but would a planning consultant do that. How do I choose an architect? Do they all charge the same fees?


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    Hi Michael,

    There are a couple of different routes you can go down. You can either choose an Architect, an Architectural Technologist , or just a draftsman.
    Both the architect and technologist should be able to add a great deal of value to the end product even though I’m sure you do have an idea of what you’re after. Where as a draftsman will just draw whatever you ask them too and may not be able to get the most out of the site.

    Secondly. Architects do not charge the same fees so do shop around for one that you get on well with and that understands your ideas. It is and should be a very personal experience expecially when building your own home.

    However with the site being in the greenbelt it may also pay to have a planning consultant as they can navigate you (Your architect/ technologist) through the planning policies which will affect your site.

    I would always say that you need an architect/ technologist as they can interpret your ideas into something that should be beautiful and fullfill your dreams however you will need to provide your designer with a clear brief of what you want.

    So in summary talk to Architects/ Architectural service providers in your local area either through friends/ family who have done similar projects or just google them or look through the yellow pages and always ask to see some examples of their work and get some references.
    But finally even if they are not a member of a professional body such as the Architects registration board (ARB) or The Chartered Institute of Architectual Technologists (CIAT) always ensure they have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

    Hope this helps.

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