I’ve placed an offer on a plot of land and instinctively want to get it surveyed before committing myself too far. However, try as I might, I can find no real advice on whether it is worth getting a survey or not. Even finding a surveyor who does such a survey is proving a challenge, which makes me think it’s not the norm to have one done.

I’ve examined the plot (on a normal residential street) and it looks fine to the untrained eye (slope and a few apple trees aside).

So – can anyone advise? To survey or not to survey? What will it tell me? And if it’s worth doing – can anyone recommend a surveyor in Surrey?

Thank you!

  • Peter Eade

    Hi Warren,

    If the proposed site was previously an orchard or perhaps a paddock a soil survey is unlikely to be required. It would be worth digging a trial pit about 1.5m deep and asking a structural engineer to check the soil type and condition, he should be able to advise the likely depth of foundations that will be required. Within my company we only ever get a more detailed ground survey if there’s a risk that soil contamination may have occurred, this is often the case when developing on an old industrial site.

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