I am trying to sell my house. The buyers solicitor has asked for the guarantee for the timber frame. The house was architect supervised and I have his stage inspection reports and his completion certificate. I also have the Building Regulations Completion Certificate.
The company I bought the frame from and who erected the frame 6 years ago is no longer trading. They did provide me with structural calculations many years ago which were given to Building Control at the time – I know building control have these checked before issuing their completion certificate.

However I can find no actual guarantee from the timber frame company themselves. I dont know whether they did provide one – I cannot remember. Do I need a guarantee from them baring in mind the property was supervised and signed off by the architect and of course building regulations.

I know some people buy a timber frame package and erect it themselves – how would this be guaranteed.

Please please can someone help me.

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Hi Heidi,

    If the timber frame is being constructed by a single company then they should provide some sort of warranty and this can come in the form of a NHBC guarantee or similar. However if they are just providing the frame itself then they can offer a warranty as part of their package of works. You should also ensure that they have an efficent level of insurance for your project. At the end of the day the works need to be signed off by Building Control whether through the council or an idependent inspector such as HCD and they will want to see sufficent structural calculations for your build which could be provided by the timber frame company or an independent structural engineer.
    As for your dilemma the building control certificate should be enough in itself. If the purchasers or their solicitors are at all worried then I would suggest they have a full strucutral survey carried out.

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