Im a complete novice accompanied by by handy husband who is great at DIY, we are planning a 6x4m home office building in our garden approx 15 metres from the main house. We are fine the the planning and the structure but the plumbing/electrics side of things escapes me. We are planning to dig the footings ourselves and have a builder lay the concrete base and a bricky put up the main structure.

Do I need to get the builder to dig and instal the sewerage pipes or would a plumber do this (as Ill need a water supply to the building) or again cold a builder do this, and would they do this all need doing before the concrete base was laid? Also for the electrics would the electrician need to come out which the pipework was being fitted so tey could lay the cabeling then come back once the main struture was built? Or would they just start from scratch once the main building was erected?

I’d like to be able to approach a builder/electrician etc and have an idea what I am talking about beforehand.

– So basic idea is 6×4 double concrete block building with flat slant roof, with heating flooring, one WV/sink and an additional sink. 6 Double sockets, needed plus lighting and a supply for the heating.

Id be grateful to anyone who can offer advice. Many thanks.

  • Dominic Eves

    Hi Katie,

    Usually, the ground worker would run the soil pipe into the footings/concrete slab along with a duct for the cold water feed. Will it be heated separately from the main house?


  • Katie Eaton

    Thank you – it will be heated with electric underfloor heating. My main worry was as we will be laying the concrete ourselves is that we would miss something out and would cause ourselves a lot more work in the process repairing mistakes.

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