We had a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system and built in vacuum system supplied and installed last year as part ofa house renovation. We informed the company that we had various issues in September and asked them to send a engineer to visit. In spite of phone calls and letters, they refuse to come out and have completely ignored our last two letters to them. Any ideas of how to prompt a response? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Hi I had a similar problem with a heat recovery system company. It is difficult if they don’t reply but what you need to do is build up a case file containing dates of when e-mails and letters where sent to this company and what response if any where sent. Then start bombarding them with e-mails, letters and phone calls ( at least twice a week ). If this does not work send more letters and e-mails saying you have booked an appointment at your solicitors for say Wed at 10.30 to discuss the legal action you wish to take. If this does not work then under most house home insurance policy’s you have a legal help line that will advise you.

  • Morgan Lobb

    Sale of goods act will cover you..


    Download their letter and send it!

  • Jenny Reavley

    Many thanks for your replies. Will proceed as suggested and let you know. Thanks.

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