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People sometimes say that a bath is the main focus of the bathroom, but in our busy lives where a quick five minute shower before rushing off to work is our only option we should be focusing on how to make those five minutes the best five in the day.

What’s available?
For those with a tighter budget and maybe less time to change pipework, we recommend buying a Thermostatic Bar & Slide Rail Kit in a modern chrome finish. Great designs are available at even better prices and these can be installed in place of your existing thermostatic shower.

The lucky among us who have a large amount of space should consider fitting a wet room shower. By taking away the shower enclosures and shower trays you’re left with a clean minimal tiled space in which to fit a lovely shower. There has been a surge in the popularity of wet room showers over recent years and kits have become available which are ready to tile over to allow the water to flow down a premade gradient into the shower waste. If the wet room will only be in a corner of the existing bathroom, you can finish this off with a floor to ceiling glass screen to keep spray confined to the shower, rather than over the entire room.

Large shower heads with concealed thermostatic valves continue this clutter free look. Try using an 8” shower rose to get the waterfall shower feeling.

The basics are that you’re going to need a shower valve and a shower head. Whatever is in between is totally up to you. We’re seeing more and more people choose a traditional exposed shower valve and traditional riser set to get the vintage look in the bathroom.

Brands such as Burlington and Hudson Reed have great solid brass traditional looks, using modern technology such as ceramic disk and anti-scald thermostatic valves. These look great in a large recess in the walls, covered using a hinged shower door enclosure.

The type of shower you buy can be determined by your water supply. If you have a modern combination boiler, your options are open because you should have a high water pressure level. Check with your plumber first if you’re unsure. For those who only have only a cold water supply in the shower area, an electric shower would be the best option as it heats the water up at the shower, rather than drawing both hot and cold from the boiler. This might be better for those who are keeping an eye on their gas bill.

Shower cabins such as ones from Aqualusso are great additions to any bathroom, often providing sauna and whirlpool functionality in one easy-to-install unit. Make sure you have the required pressure available from your central heating system though, as you may require an additional shower pump.

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