Rethinking the Kitchen

We all know that the kitchen needs to live up to some pretty tough storage demands, but sometimes, thinking outside the box and coming up with built-in storage solutions for how you will use the space can be hard. “With imaginative planning, storage can be used as a design feature,” say German kitchen manufacturer Schüller.Their full-height units with open-ended storage (above) work brilliantly as a room divider in open plan spaces, while their pull-out shelves (below) are a good idea for hard to reach spots.

Built-in storage in the kitchen

Don’t Forget the Garage

As a notorious clutter hotspot, the garage can quickly become one of those spaces which ends up being a danger zone due to the amount of ‘stuff’ that gets flung at them. Take a look at Dura’s fitted garage concept (below), including cabinets, flooring and wall storage solutions, designed to turn your garage into a utility room, office, family room or anything you can dream of.

Smart metal built-in storage in the garage

Use Your Staircase for Built-in Storage

Hallways, landings and staircases in general can be blighted by clutter. With this in mind, it makes sense to make your staircase multitask and incorporate some storage space into it. Ideas include designs with pull-out drawers to more elaborate solutions — such as the scheme  below featuring a Bisca handrail and balustrade sitting above built-in kitchen storage.

Built-in storage under the stairs

Utilising Every Inch

Look closely at the space you are working with in order to avoid wasting space. For loft conversions and rooms in the roof space (where you are likely to have lost loft storage), use the eaves space around the edge of the room – where the sloping ceiling will be too low to stand beneath – for bespoke built-in storage (as demonstrated by the below by TG Studio). Dormer and bay windows also provide the ideal spot for window seats with storage concealed beneath.

Bedroom with built-in wardrobes and storage

In-Wall Storage

Rather than use up valuable floorspace for shelving units, use your walls. Again, think beyond sticking up wall shelves and create alcoves within the walls, as this scheme by London-based interior design consultancy Amok (seen below) goes to show.

Built-in storage created using an alcove in a stud wall

Creating alcoves within stud walls is simple if done before plastering is carried out, and using the space above and around doorways for shelving will take up less space visually as well as adding a good dose of architectural interest.

This bar sits in a built-in alcove

Building alcoves into stud walls is the perfect way to use every bit of space available — not to mention, looks great too. (Stow-away home bar optional)

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