My husband and I have recently bought one half of a house that was split in two. Our half has its own lease and is registered with the land registry as its own legal entity.

The problem is that there isn’t a completion certificate for the house split, and so we are now trying to do everything we can to make the changes to our half of house in order to gain this certificate. The changes we need to make are relatively small (a few fire doors and a partition wall).

My question is, once we’ve completed our changes, can we get a completion certificate for our part of the property (which is legally now separate)? Or does the owner of the other part of the property also need to complete their changes? The issues that need addressing regarding the other half of the property are far more complicated and we’re worried they aren’t motivated to make the changes.

We’re really keen to put this behind us as soon as possible.

All advice much appreciated.

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