We had a large and old conservatory that was freezing and too hot dependent on season. We have had a slated roof with insulation replace the glass – but it remains too cold to use all winter.

The underfloor heating us ineffective and too expensive – we love the room and want to use it all the time. I upgraded the woodburning stove in the living room to try and heat the room – it hasn’t worked.

We are £13k out of pocket without success – what can we do to heat this room effectively, cost efficiently and give our family a 365 day room? I’m stumped and need your expertise. It’s a glorious room that should be a feature for the house – I’ve thought IR panels, bigger stove (as fitted) stove in the room, etc.

As a subscriber to your magazine for over 4 years I’ve looked for inspiration and answers – so over to you please?

Regards Lee, Kate and Harry Buckingham.

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