We are converting our attic, current heating system vented with expansion tank in loft, and currently have two showers fed from conventional bolier and hot water storage tank with coil.

We have been told we need to remove cold water storage tank and central heating expansion tank from the loft in order to gain space. We want to install third shower in attic conversion. We have been told we need to replace our central heating boiler with a condenser boiler. Can a condenser boiler be configured to supply three showers?

  • Neil Suggett

    We were advised we could not run three showers direct from our new boiler. It is all to do with the flow rate of hot water available from the boiler being insufficient. A good source of info is to go direct to the boiler manufacturers who will advise you on configuring your system. For our three showers including one in the roof we went for a closed vent or sealed system with a 210 litre hot water storage tank and expansion chamber. Hot water is delivered at mains water pressure throughout the house so we get great showers and also have the alternative of up to two baths worth of hot water on tap. Our boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDI which easily heats the water and our 190m2 new house. Neil S

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