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Woodburning Stoves: 15 of the Latest Models

woodburning stove
(Image credit: Ludlow Stoves)

Stylish, atmospheric and efficient to run, woodburning stoves are a popular heat source for modern living spaces. When it comes to choosing a woodburning stove, your decision will also be based on how the stove looks. So, we have put together a list of the latest stoves on offer.

  • Ecodesign Ready label: This shows that the stove meets new efficiency and emissions limits for woodburning stoves that are due to come into force in 2022
  • Cleanburn: Stoves with this labelling function in a way that burns the gases given off in the first burn, stopping them from escaping the flue or sooting up the glass screen
  • Airwash: Air is blown over the glass screen to prevent combustion gases from creating soot here

If you live in a town or city, you should also check whether your home is located in a Smoke Control Area. If it is, you will only be able to burn DEFRA-approved smokeless fuel (such as anthracite) rather than wood.

woodburning stove

The Heritage soapstone-clad stove in Blue Enamel has an output of 16kW and costs £3,933. Available from Eurostove (Image credit: Eurostove)

multi-fuel stove

Part of the Ecodesign Ready range from Arada, the Farringdon multi-fuel stove has the ability to efficiently burn at low levels for 10 hours. The contemporary small stove (4.9kW) is available for £1,307 (Image credit: Arada)

8kw woodburning stove

Generously proportioned and named accordingly, the Chubby 8 (8kW) by Chilli Penguin has primary and secondary air control knobs so the burn is exactly how you want it. It costs £1,849. Available from Ludlow Stoves (Image credit: Ludlow stoves)

simple 7kw woodburning stove

Charnwood’s Arc 7 (7kW) has a simple and timeless aesthetic. Priced at £1,920. Ludlow Stoves (Image credit: Ludlow Stove)

5kw woodburning stove

The Varde Bornholm offers a full view of the fire and a 5kW heat output. £1,219, Stovax (Image credit: Stovax)

cooking and heating woodburning stove

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? The Chilli Penguin’s Hungry stove is a great solution as it can also be used for cooking, boiling a kettle or heating your water. £1,499, 5kW. From Ludlow Stoves (Image credit: Ludlow Stoves)

multi-fuel stove

Create a stunning focal point with a Riva 66 inset multifuel stove. The built-in design creates the illusion of a gas fireplace, but the deep frame can accommodate wood burning. £1,775, Stovax (Image credit: Stovax)

5kw woodburning stove

The Birchdale multifuel stove in Arctic White is suitable for use in smoke control areas. It also boasts low CO and particle emissions with a 5kW heat output. £1,320 from ACR (Image credit: ACR)

How to Improve the Performance of Any Wood Stove

Wood stoves have improved by leaps and bounds over the past twenty years. In 2018 log burners are technologically advanced and meticulously engineered heating appliances.

woodburning stove

(Image credit: Hunter Stoves)

The British company Hunter Stoves has been at the forefront of these improvements, and their Aspect stove range is a prime example of performance meeting modern stove design, but according to Hunter’s Lead Engineer, Michael Stoneman, there is one piece of advice that can improve the performance of any stove on the market.

“You should only ever burn dry wood. This can never be overstated. Never burn wood with more than a 20% moisture content. You would never pour water on a fire you want to burn hot, and essentially that is what one does when burning wet wood.” According to Michael, using dry wood will not only improve the way your appliance works, but it will help protect the environment.

5kw woodburning stove

The Uniq 13 by Varde (5kW) is a tall and stunning design with three sides of glass for an immersive experience. It also includes a Clearburn combustion system. £1,689, from Stovax (Image credit: Stovax)

5kw woodburning stove

The Woodland stove (5kW) from Mendip is part of an offer from Eurostove: for every stove sold, three trees are donated to the Woodland Trust. Priced at £1,250, from Eurostove (Image credit: Eurostove)

efficient woodburning stove

Clearview’s Vision 500 (1.5-8kW) features its unique ‘hot air-wash’ system for efficient heating and a clear view of the fire through a large single door. From £1,656, Clearview Stoves (Image credit: Clearview Stoves)

5kw woodburning stove

Wide and slim, Esse’s 100SE (5kW) woodburner is great if you have a hearth with limited depth and want to make a big impact. The automatic ignition makes it easy to enjoy a real fire. £1,149 (Image credit: Esse)

8.2kw woodburning stove

Striking and characterful, Morsø’s 2B Classic radiant stove (8.2kW) is ideal for completing a period renovation or conversion, or even making a statement in a contemporary home. £2,099 (Image credit: Morso)

5kw woodburning stove

Traditional in style, the Oakdale features an airwash system and efficient controls with a heat output of 5kW. Available in a range of finishes (here in Buttermilk) for £1,330. From ACR (Image credit: ACR)

9kw woodburning stove

Contura’s 500 Style stoves (3-9kW) have an autostart function and large side lights. From £1,795 (Image credit: Contura)