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The Best Outdoor Storage Box Solutions for Your Garden

Best outdoor storage box guide
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The best outdoor storage box solutions come in a variety of styles and provide a compact alternative to a shed for storing your garden tools, toys and tools.

Whereas the best plastic sheds are suited for larger items such as garden furniture, storage boxes are great for smaller accessories, and they'll most likely double up as a seat, a bench, or even a table unit. 

Just because they're smaller though doesn't mean they're flimsy; the best boxes are durable, weather-resistant and impressively constructed to keep your items dry and well ventilated. They'll also have some sort of locking mechanism for extra security.  

We've reviewed the best outdoor storage boxes available now, spanning a range of designs and budgets, to help you find the best pick for your garden. 

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Best Outdoor Storage Box Options 

Keter makes some of the best outdoor storage boxes

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. Keter Hollywood Garden Plastic Storage Box

The best all-rounder at a bargain price

Size: (H)57.3 x (W)117.5 x (D)45cm
Capacity: 270L
Weather resistant: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Budget-friendly+Good size capacity+Easy to assemble
Reasons to avoid
-Could be slightly sturdier

Keter is one of the authorities on garden storage; a reliable brand which delivers a range of products that fit into any garden size. As such, the Keter Hollywood box is an easy #1 pick.

It has a sleek design and features an elegant wood-look texture which is water-resistant and made from fade-free weather-resistant resin. The wood panel design is designed to keep all items ventilated and dry.  

It has a generous capacity too, making it well-suited for storing garden furniture accessories, tools and gardening equipment. It's easy to assemble too, features a lockable door and built-in handles for easy manoeuvrability. 

And of course, it's very affordable - a bargain buy for a brilliant box. 

Buy the Keter Hollywood Garden Plastic Storage Box

This heavy duty Lifetime model is one of the best storage boxes

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2. Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box

The best heavy duty outdoor storage box

Size: (H)69.1 x (W)71.9 x (D)150.7cm
Capacity: 568L
Weather resistant: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Long-lasting construction+Doubles up as bench+UV-protected+Available in different sizes
Reasons to avoid
-Not the easiest to assemble

If you're looking for a heavy duty outdoor storage box to last for years then this Lifetime box is for you.

Not only is it weather and water-resistant but it has UV-protected panels to prevent against fading, cracking or peeling. The 568L capacity is generous too (the Lifetime models are available in a range of sizes) - it's brilliant for expanding your patio or garden storage. 

Plus, the rigid, double-wall, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction makes it strong and durable enough that it can double up as a bench. It's lockable too, comes with handles, and features a spring-hinge lid that won't slam shut, which your fingers will thank you for. 

Buy the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box now

One of the best storage box options from Ilesto

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3. ILESTO Outside Storage Box Benjamin

Best for contemporary design schemes

Size: (H)69 x (W)85 x (D)185cm
Capacity: 783L
Weather resistant: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Elite design+High quality+Durable
Reasons to avoid

For a stunning contemporary addition to your garden design, this box from ILESTO is a great pick if you're willing to pay more. It looks just as stylish fitted subtlety within your furniture as it does positioned as a standalone feature. 

If cost is a factor, then be assured that you get value for money. This box is made with high-quality steel and features a four-layered construction, offering impressive protection for your contents. It also stands up to snow and rain, and is rust-resistant so it should remain in top condition for several years. 

One slight drawback is that it's a bit tricky to put together, and in a two-person assembly team you'll likely need at least one DIY enthusiast on hand.

Buy the ILESTO Outside Storage Box Benjamin

Is this the best outdoor storage box for tight spaces?

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4. Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Deck Box

A brilliant smaller option for tight spaces

Size: (H)23 x (W)18 x (D)17 inches
Capacity: 73L
Weather resistant: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Great for small porches/gardens+Easy to assemble
Reasons to avoid
-Not the sturdiest

The Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Deck Box is a great choice when space is at a premium, or for storing smaller items such as tools or garden accessories. 

Because of its size, it's understandably one of the easiest of this list to put together, which is made easier courtesy of interlocking panels. It also features double-walled, weather-resistant resin to protect your valuables, although it could benefit from being a little sturdier.

It can also double up as a seat or small outdoor end table. 

Buy the Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Deck Box

Keter makes some of the best outdoor storage boxes

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5. Keter City Outdoor Storage City Box

A durable box that's best for balconies

Size: (H)54.8 x (W)44 x (L)57.8cm
Capacity: 113L
Weather resistant: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Easy to assemble+Multiple colour options
Reasons to avoid
-Lock not included

Keter's second entry on this list is its General Purpose Outdoor Storage City Box, an all-rounder that's easy to assemble and falls under the right side of £50.

This general purpose box bares similarities to the Rubberneck Mini Deck so it's a good fit for balconies and small garden areas without being intrusive. It's available in multiple colour options too, including brown, graphite and dark grey. 

It's well-constructed too, with durable, fade-resistant plastic ensuring your items are kept safe and dry. 

One drawback however is that while it's lockable, the lock is not included.

Buy the Keter City Outdoor Storage City Box

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Storage Box

Before you take the plunge and buy your storage box, consider these factors to ensure you get the optimum pick for your home.


Outdoor storage boxes can come in a variety of sizes, therefore it's best to measure the area of the garden you want the box to be positioned in before buying - this is particularly important for tighter spaces. 


The capacity for storage boxes is measured in litres, which can be difficult to visualise from just an image. If you only need to store smaller items such as furniture cushions and tools then a capacity of between 60-130L should be ample, but for larger items such as fold-up chairs you'll likely need upwards of 500L.


More smaller outdoor storage boxes can cost as little as £30, but larger metal or wooden units can cost a few hundred pounds. 


Unless you're planning to keep your box under a covering, or it's protected via a roof cover, then make sure you opt for a box that's weather or water-resistant.

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