March is soon to become a busy month.

The weeks since my first post have been spent doing lots of little tasks, some pretty big tasks, and generally making sure everything is in place for the day we get access to the new and improved, That day is now tomorrow, and the peaceful calm before the storm is soon to be shattered at the expense of mine and my colleagues’ weekends (and sanity).

Imagine the famous Cooper’s Hill cheese-rolling race in Gloucester. The new website is the cheese, and at the moment everything’s fine; we now know what the cheese is like, and what it should do when we let it go. However, actually letting the cheese roll down the hill, letting the website go live, is a different matter – unpredictability arises, and the potential for me having to run down the hill after it, trying to catch it up and keep it intact whilst I try not to break my legs increases. Maybe I’m slightly exaggerating the dangers of launching a new website. Either way it is quite a stressful, yet exciting, time at the moment as we get the new site ready to launch to coincide with the annual Homebuilding & Renovating show at the NEC. Ahh… the annual Homebuilding & Renovating show at the NEC.

March is soon to become an incredibly busy month.

The show, from the 29th March to the 1st of April, is going to be a great opportunity to show off the new site, especially to people who aren’t currently aware of it. I know what you’re thinking, their world is soon to be much richer. In all honesty though, it is a good opportunity for me to try and put into practice one of the main aims myself and the rest of the team had when it came to relaunching the site; increase the level of two-way communication between ourselves and you, the users. Whether this be by berating people about the site whilst they try to listen carefully to one of the seminars, or the more plausible option of encouraging people about to build their own home to start a blog, it all revolves around communicating.

So if you are coming to the show, it would be great if you could come up to the stand and let me know what you think; of the old site, the new site, and if there’s anything you would like to see that isn’t already there. Since the more you tell me what you want to see on the site, the more I can try and provide it.

Hopefully April will be a busy month.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with the site launch… but you might want to avoid ‘berating’ people unless they’ve done something wrong 😉

  • Samuel Joy

    Cheers. I think berating people is currently about ‘Plan Z’ on the list.

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