I wish to build a replacement dwelling in my garden which resides in a green belt area. The original house was built in about 1800 and had an unsympathetic two story extension in 60’s/70’s. This extension is actually a self-contained house and acknowledge by the council as a separate dwelling. Therefore I was hoping to demolish the “extension” and build a detached dwelling inside the large garden to the side of the existing house. The border of the garden is surrounded by very large mature trees except for the front where the trees aren’t as mature and you would see the top of a new build.

I was hoping that as I was wishing to build a detached dwelling the same size of the building we wish to demolish, this would be allowed as it is an exception in the green belt planning rules and still within the properties boundary’s but the council have said the new dwelling would still have to be attached to the existing building.

The neighbours live in a listed building, but very large mature trees separate the two properties and neither can see each other.

Do I have a case to build a detached replacement dwelling, or would it have to be in the exactly the same footprint of the one being demolished.

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