We are about to apply for planning permission on a derelict cottage but the owner of the neighbouring field has just moved the fencing between us and him and replaced it level with the outside wall of the building. We used to be able to walk behing the wall. The fencing is now level with thw wall on our property. Why has he done this? Could it affect the aplication? He also wanted to buy the land before us as he cannot have planning on his. Annie

  • annie williams

    Can anyone advice us

  • Peter Eade

    I assume you own the cottage, to start with I would suggest you check the deeds (if they are available) as they will show the boundaries. If you are unable to do this get in touch with Land Registry, they should be able to help you. If you can prove the boundary has been moved you will need to discuss this with the neighbouring land owner. Regarding the proposed planning application the change to the fence position is unlikely to make much difference to the planner’s decision.

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