I am looking at a plot that requires Archaeological investigation and reporting. As a novice, should I run a mile from this? It sounds expensive and problematic!

  • Daisy Jeffery

    There is no need to shun this site, but there are some complications. The first is that if the planners are insisting on an archaeological report as part of, or prior to, any application, then this will mean that you are going to have to shell out money — possibly in advance of your purchase of the land.
    If there is no planning at present and the principle of building has not been established then that is, perhaps, a bit too much of a gamble. If, however, there is an existing planning consent and the report is necessary for the next stage, then the risks are diminished. But there is always the risk that something significant might be discovered, which could hold up the job. In my experience of such surveys, where a full survey had to be carried out, the local authority often recommended companies that would cost between £4,000-£5,000. I shopped around online and got the job done for £950, so if you go down that route it’s a good idea to shop for a lower price.

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