Good afternoon all, I would like to hear from anyone who has experience or had a beam and block insulated floor / foundation system. I am looking into the Tetris system which looks quite simple and offers the option of laying under floor heating in the concrete straight on top of the insulation board. Any story’s / tips etc, would be gratefully received.
Regards, Richard.

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden


    Having laid literally hundreds of block and beam floors, I have looked at numerous types which substitute the floor blocks in one way or the other.
    The aspect which has always steered me away is a practical one mainly regarding timing.
    Generally, it is not useful to be laying the heating pipework, including don

  • Richard Teijido

    Thank you for your reply Vince Holden, In brief, I have re-furbished 6 houses with extensions etc but this is my first attempt at a ground up new build, and as I intend it to be my last, I wanted to get it as near spot on as possible. I saw this system and thought it looked interesting,
    With no block work in the floor at all, However as you quite rightly mention, it is going to get a lot of traffic during the build, and who knows what add-on

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