We are in the middle of building a kitchen extension to create a large L-shaped room. The plan was to put underfloor heating into the new part of the room, using a wire matting system, then to polish the concrete into which it is set. I have had lots of conflicting advice about the depth of the concrete over the matting and if it will provide sufficient heat for the room and indeed if it is possible at all. The existing room onto which the extension is being added has a conventional radiator and a wood burning stove. I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden

    I think you may struggle to get any worthwhile benefit from the electric mat in these circumstances.
    This form of heating only just works adequately under 12mm of floor tile and cannot really be compared with wet underfloor pipework.

  • Stuart Crundall

    In order to ‘polish’ the concrete properly you would need it to be at least 75 – 100 mm thick, (for strength) Also with the constant heating and cooling, (expanding & contracting) of the substrate, you would require to have a number of joints cut into the slab to minimize cracking in the future. Also, heating this amount of concrete from underneath would be expensive – but it would hold the heat well.

    An expensive option in my opinion.

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