Straw bale insulation: Pros and cons of using this eco-friendly option in your build

A home being built with straw bale insulation
Straw bales can be a really cheap way of making your home well insulated as well as being eco friendly (Image credit: Getty Images)

Straw bale insulation is an excellent form of material that can be used as an alternative to other more conventional types of insulation such as rockwool, cellulose or fibreglass. 

One of the major benefits is that straw bales are cheaper than these materials and, sometimes, can be obtained from local farmers for free, as well as from specialist suppliers at a reasonable price. 

John Butler headshot
John Butler

John Butler is a Certified Passivhaus Consultant and geek for hire, and sits on the voluntary board of Straw-bale Building UK (SBUK) - the UK association and information hub for practitioners, designers, trainers and enthusiasts for straw building.

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