Restoring Chimneys

brick chimney on rooftop
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A neglected stack can be an accident waiting to happen — the prospect of chunks of heavy masonry dislodged by storms, crashing on to the roof above your bedroom isn’t a risk worth taking. So, if your building survey flags up defects, it’s usually advisable to get things sorted sooner rather than later.

Probably the most common issue with chimney stacks is eroded pointing. In itself this may not sound too serious, but if neglected it will hasten the onset of more serious problems such as instability, water penetration and even disintegration. If caught in time, all that may be required to fix this and prevent further deterioration is a spot of localised repointing.

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Cost of Associated Works
Works Labour & Material (Incl VAT)
Renew back gutter to stack, complete with cover flashings: Strip back roof tiles and renew back gutter, refix tiles, wedge and point flashing, 500mm girth to stack. Code 5 lead sheet 700mm long£236
Remove damaged flashing and renew stepped Code 4 flashing (in 240mm girth), wedged into grooves with lead wedges£104/m
Refix existing loose lead or zinc flashing with new wedges and repoint mortar£43/m
Ian Rock

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