How to Swap a Socket

rewiring a double plug socket
(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

You can double your socket power in a weekend just by swapping your single outlets for doubles. An electrician will charge £30 to do the same job for you. Multiply that by the number of single sockets in your house and you’ll see how much you can save by doing it yourself. If you’ve already got double sockets then this guide will show you how to change the inevitable cracked, burnt or paint-spattered parts for fresh new ones. Also covered in this piece is how to add a new socket into the ring main another job an electrician will be happy to charge up to £80 for.

If you are wondering whether you can swap any single socket for a double, then the answer is yes, providing the existing socket is the only one on that spur (wire feed) from the ring main. To check this out, do the test in Step 6. How many new sockets can you add? In theory you can double the amount of outlets by taking a spur off each of the existing sockets or the junction boxes that feed them. You must check that the socket you intend to spur from is part of the ring main (see the test in Step 6).