What is Face Glazing? Here's What you Need to Know

an oak frame gable with face glazing
(Image credit: Oakwrights)

Face glazing is a relatively new concept in the world of windows that has become increasingly popular, particularly with the rise of oak frame buildings in the UK over the last two decades. 

It’s a method of creating a window that is altogether different to the conventional approach and a detail that might appear straightforward, but is in fact one of the most difficult window styles to detail and build. 

Pete Tonks

Pete is an award-winning architectural designer. He began his career as an architectural technician with self build specialist Potton in 1984. He went on to set up his own practice, PJT Design Ltd, in 2003 and has been designing self build homes and extension schemes for over three decades. He is also a specialist in designing oak frame homes, partnering with oak frame specialist Oakwrights. 

In 2015, Pete co-founded PJT Custom Build Ltd, a bespoke project management company, which delivers custom-built homes from conception to completion.

He has recently completed his own contemporary self build project.