Asbestos Roof Tiles: How to Identify and Dispose of Them

corrugated cement asbestos roof tiles being safely removed
(Image credit: getty images)

Asbestos roof tiles are by no means a common occurrence, however, chartered surveyors will occasionally come across them. 

The mineral-based material, extracted from serpentinite rock, was a widely used building material in the 20th century, finding its way into a surprising variety of products, including some roofing materials. 

Ian Rock

Chartered surveyor Ian Rock MRICS is a director is and the author of eight popular Haynes House Manuals, including the Home Extension Manual, the Self Build Manual and Period Property Manual.

Ian is also the founder of Zennor Consultants. In addition to providing house surveys, Zennor Consultants provide professional guidance on property refurbishment and maintenance as well as advising on the design and construction of home extensions and loft conversions, including planning and Building Regulations compliance.

Ian has recently added a 100m2 extension to his home; he designed and project managed the build and completed much of the interior fit-out on a DIY basis.