Hi, I have had a new period style front door and vestibule frame made to replace the existing draughty inefficient arrangement. It being period style, I don’t want to fit lever handles on a backplate I would prefer to fit a door knob and lock. It has been suggested to me that a euro lock would be a good option – mainly because there would be no draught through a key hole, but I can’t find a sash case with the spindle and lock centres at a suitable distance to accommodate the rose of the door knob and the euro escutcheon without them being too close together, and also getting a backset of about 57/58mm, yet I have seen this arrangement in many pictures in this magazine. Because this whole exercise is around eliminating draughts in the hallway, I may be getting paranoid about the draught through a conventional key hole and should probably reconsider a conventional 5 lever sash lock. I would be grateful for any thoughts and advice

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    I cannot help with some points you’ve made but one thing I would say is to be careful in your choice of lock as even some cylinders let noticeable air through (i.e. if you put your hand near it you can feel it). Not every cylinder is made equal! Try the yale sold secure cylinders. Expensive for a cylinder lock but good piece of mind. All the best with the rest.



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