I am thinking of building on a plot at the end of my existing garden. The garden backs on to a council informal car park which lies at the end of a cul-de-sac street.
What issues should I prepare for with regard to gaining permission to access the street across this tarmac area? Would I have to buy the land from the council?
Mostly there are a 3 vans that park on this land. All the nearest houses in the cul de sac have off road driveways and garages.
Any advice welcome.

  • Anonymous

    There will probably be the same process as if you wanted to apply for a dropped kerb although it ought not to be a difficult as you’re not crossing a footway (over which the public have a "Right of Way"
    There will likely also be process relating to permitte development in relation to a change to the fence to your existing curtilage. The following from the General Permitted Developments Regs Sch 2 ought to assist

  • Stephen Margerison

    Hi, you state the land backs up to council land ,before it reaches the main road so without question, you will need permission !!! perhaps you should speak to planning first, and ask for a contact in the council, re the car park. If it was private land, it would be called a ransom strip.
    regards, SKM

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