I am looking at a self build/renovation mortgage that will lend % on the purchase as well as build cost, but needs outline planning to apply. The conversion property is in my price range because it doesn’t have any planning yet. The small chapel is in a hamlet amongst a number of recent build houses, the other price limit is several graves to rear that access technically still needed to, though of an age visits unlikely.

Anyway, planning – I gather that I can apply for planning without owning the site, but if done before sale agreed it could affect price and as sellers are under charity law they would have to get the best return regardless of personal.

But don’t want to agree sale without mortgage in principle, and if did and then applied even if planning straightforward it is 8 wks so a long wait before mortgage approved and the rest of things can get moving for sale.

Any thoughts?


  • Mark Brinkley


    I don’t think you will be able to arrange things in your favour like this. Having said that, are you sure the price will leap if and when you obtain planning permission? It sounds like an eminently convertible property and I feel sure that the agents advising the vendors will be aware of its potential and price accordingly.

    In the meantime, there is no harm in talking to selfbuild lenders to see what sort of mortgage terms they can offer. You don’t have to have a property in mind to be able to do this.

  • Jeremy Murfitt

    A further factor to consider is the risk of proceeding without any form of agreement in place. You could secure the outline consent and your mortgage offer only to find that they sell to someone else. Maybe a small chance but a possibility. Two ways round this (1) a conditional contract that you enter into which is subject to securing a satisfactory planning permission or (2) an option to purchase subject again to securing the outline consent. These mechanisms are often used and you lawyer will be able to advise. In both cases you can agree the purchase price at the onset.

    Good luck


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