At Homebuilding & Renovating, we’re lucky enough to see some of the best homes in the UK on a daily basis. Here we celebrate the design ingenuity behind some of the most memorable exteriors we’ve come across.

1. Fantasy made self build reality

This remarkable custom built home stretches the imagination to its limits. Built without formal plans on a DIY basis, it’s an astonishing example of self build vision and enthusiasm. And we can’t think of any other self build that features a decorative dragon.

Self build fantasy

2. Gold star extension

This traditional detached home in Devon got a striking new look following a extension by architect Stan Bolt. The abstract canopy provides shelter and shade to the decked terrace that sits over the basement extension.

Clad in gold-coloured copper-aluminium alloy interlocking shingles, the wing-like structure was a first for Stan, and received full support from neighbours and planning officers.

Stan Bolt extension with gold roof

3. Boundary-pushing extension

A contrasting extension and remodelling project has turned this banal post-war detached property in Hampshire into a remarkable contemporary home.

Working within planning constraints, the existing house was turned into the open-plan living area, while a radical, contemporary extension was added to house the bedrooms. From the front, the house looks relatively unchanged, but it’s impossible to forget this imaginative extension.

radical extension to traditional home

4. Stunning steel cladding

Encouraged by the planners to come up with a bold design, this riverside self build does not disappoint. Roughcast concrete was used for the ground floor, with grey ash-glazed bricks used on the road-facing facade.

The roof and first floor walls have been built using SIPs and wrapped in an expanded Corten steel mesh which acts as a rainscreen while allowing water to filter through to the gutters hidden beneath the metal sheets.

With the chalk cliff backdrop, this steel-clad home looks even more striking.

steel-clad self build

5. Concave curve design

With a backdrop of rolling countryside, it can be difficult to build a modern home that works harmoniously with the landscape.

This noteworthy project not only fits with its surroundings, but manages to look both futuristic and traditional at the same time.

The contemporary concave design mirrors a dewdrop-shaped lake at the front of the property, and features both modern glazing and natural materials, including local stone and exposed beams.

curved self build

6. The Yorkshire chalet

Chanelling the Swiss vernacular, you could be forgiven for not believing that this chalet-style self build is actually located in South Yorkshire.

Swiss chalet-style home in Yorkshire

7. The self build with sails

Imported from Lithuania as a prefabricated timber frame kit, this timber, steel and glass eco home features extraordinary textile ‘sails’ which shade the enormous gable windows under the eaves.

eco house with sails

8. Contemporary courtyard

You might think this home unforgettable due to the fact clever design has afforded the homeowners a peaceful and private courtyard in the Shepherd’s Bush district of west London.

However, it is the distinctive orange-red metal cladding that really makes this home something to remember.

pavilion-style self build in London

9. Medieval manor

Braylsham Castle is no fairytale historic castle, it is an entirely new family home. It is the ultimate realisation of one Englishman’s dream and its impeccable execution makes it a truly outstanding project that is impossible to forget.

new build medieval manor

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