We are purchasing a single storey 1940’s untouched bungalow in total 113.37sqm. The roof can easily be converted with the correct head height etc. etc. There are stunning views of the countryside which we aim to maximize on the ground floor, but all architects and majority of people suggest a loft conversion. This would be great, however we would loose the view. The property will need walls knocked down, new boiler, floors, electrics etc etc. we have 100,000 for the job and could use savings if required to. Could another storey be the way forward? How much does adding a storey cost and how long would it take. (we rent in the area currently and so would not be living in the house whilst renovation is happening).

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Chelle,

    Loft conversion prices vary quite a lot. Size comes in to play and a larger floor area will cost a bit more due to materials, but the complexity of the build also affects price.

    If your roof is high enough, that is good as some conversions need a new roof which obviously costs a lot more. However, the internal layout of existing highest floor is also a deciding factor. If you have space to easily add a set of stairs with little need for remodelling then it can be as cheap as the combined costs of stairs, roof lights/dormers, insulation and improving the floor structure.

    You also need to adhere to building regulations. We are in the process of having our loft converted and because there is no fire door between the kitchen and proposed landing, we are having to make a fire-proof lobby. This has meant adding a wall, buying three fire doors and moving an existing door – it adds up.

    For more advice look at our section on loft conversions: http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/advice/existing-homes/converting-loft

    If you were after inspiration, I would highly recommend looking at this home from our October issue. It’s the remodel of a 1930s bungalow and cost 714/sqm which is very reasonable. Has some lovely features which are worth thinking about. http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/completedprojects/dramatic-remodel-1930s-bungalow

    Finally, what do you mean about losing the view if you convert the loft? Surely having a room in the roof will give you a better vantage point?


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