Just recently purchased a 1930’s semi. It has a garage on side with a extension on side which is level with the front of property . It also has extension on back. The loft has been converted including the extension loft.
The work was carried out inthe 1990’s and looks verys dated and tired.
I am now in need of some advice
1. I would like to insulate the outside of property but would cause a level change with next door is that ok?
2. I would like to clad the outside of the extension in Ceder to give the inpression that its a add on to get rid of the terracing affect. Is that OK.
3 . I would like to make the whole house cheaper to heat and wouldn’t mind ripping out the inside down to bear brick . What insulation for internal walls.
4 Would it be a good idear to rip out timber suspended floor as we would like underfloor Heating and would also like to benefit from from solar gain in the winter by having a modern flat roof extension with overhang as garden is south facing.
5 Can I extend out the entire width of the back of the house ?

Any advise would be appriecated

  • Vince Holden - Construction Project Manager Holden


    On the subject of insulating.
    There are many issues to be considered when contemplating external wall insulation and/or internal wall insulation regarding cavities, vapour barriers etc and I would suggest you doing lots of homework before deciding.
    Also, little point in doing all that work if other elements (e.g. windows, floors) are not addresses to similar levels

  • Mark Brinkley


    There are lots of detailed questions here. It’s v difficult to give sensible answers to forum questions like this without visiting the site and analysing your options viz a viz what you are trying to achieve, and what is sensible within your budget. I would suggest you hire a design professional, maybe an architect or an architectural technologist, and ask them to undertake a preliminary design for you. It will of course cost (dont be shy about asking how much) but you should begin to get some meaningful advice (which you won’t get here!).

  • Monica Summerville

    I’ve also got a 30s semi and had many of the same sorts of questions. I wanted to do as much under permitted development as possible, which I’m guessing what you are thinking too. However most ‘experts’ I talked to (including a number of architects) weren’t that knowledgable on PD rights as they just want to go right to a planning app. A few times they actually gave me wrong information on what you could/couldn’t do under PD. Luckily I found a website called "the planning jungle" at http://planningjungle.com/ – it’s been extremely helpful in answering many of my questions. There is loads of free information there as well as a paid-for membership area.

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