Hi, We are in the process of buying a 1920’s timber framed bungalow in Suffolk. It needs the normal things like new kitchen and bathroom. A builder has suggested removing existing render as it is in poor condition and insulating then putting blocks on the outside with render over this . The local council will not allow brick as there are approx. 15 other properties of the same nature in the road which are all rendered. Also on the interior we are looking to dry line the walls although there does not appear to be any damp in the property.
My question really is: Is this the best answer to this particular type of property.

I would welcome any advice.

Many thanks

  • Mark Brinkley

    It’s certainly A solution. Whether it’s the best one is hard to tell without looking more closely at the problem. Is there really a problem here in the first place that requires such a drastic solution? Adding an extra wall around the property will probably result in a number of other issues. The roof overhang may have to be extended. The downpipes and the drains may have to be re-aligned. Windows will require new cills. Boiler flues may have to be re aligned.

  • Brenda Phillpott

    Thankyou, Martin for your reply it has put my mind at rest. We will be extending the roof anyway as the property is rather plain and uninteresting and we have to get the roof slates removed as they contain asbestos. I appreciate the question of downpipes & drains. The other thing is that we will be replacing a lot of windows.

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