Now is the perfect time to think about refreshing the look of your home and a new fireplace is the ideal centrepiece. With the wide variety of appliances available today, there’s something to suit all sizes and styles of room. The latest technologically advanced models from manufacturers such as Hase and M Design not only heat your home in an environmentally friendly and efficient way, their cutting edge design means they also make a stunning focal point to your room.

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The perception of a wood burning fireplace can be that the enjoyment of it is tempered by the amount of work involved. Fetching wood from outside and clearing up messy ashes can seem like a chore. But this is simply not the case with a modern wood burning appliance – they are easy to light, clean to use and require the minimum amount of logs.

For instance, all models from leading Belgian manufacturer M Design feature clean burn technology. This means that the air used for combustion is pre-heated and injected into the combustion chamber, re-igniting the smoke particles which have been produced. Because everything is burnt, there is less waste and the glass façade of the fire will remain cleaner for longer. It also means that less wood is required to produce the heat. All M Design wood burning appliances have achieved Eco Green Plus certification, an environmental quality mark indicating that they comply with the most stringent industry standards. The Eco Green Plus mark assures ecologically sound combustion along with greater than 80% efficiency. M Design guarantees that its appliances are manufactured from the highest quality materials, and also offer low maintenance plus simplicity of use for the customer, along with an 8 year guarantee.

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Hase wood burning stoves come in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes making them one of the most flexible choices on the market. There is an extensive range of models, including the Akaba which is particularly suited to smaller homes; the Lima which can be rotated through 160 degrees, allowing the flame picture to be enjoyed from any part of the room; and the Jena which even comes with an optional baking oven compartment. Hase models offer some of the highest efficiency ratings available due to the clean burn process they employ, so you can be sure that you will always be able to enjoy your flame picture to the maximum through a crystal clear glass cover.

If your property is an eco-friendly or passive house, the T-Line ECO2 Plus from Swiss based Tonwerk is an ideal choice for this type of home. The unique design incorporates an absorber jacket which is placed between the stove storage block and the outer casing. This is unlike other appliances where the proximity of the water jacket to the combustion chamber can cause the chamber to cool, resulting in heat loss, incomplete burning and higher particle emissions.

The circulating water in the Tonwerk’s jacket absorbs up to 50% of the stove’s heat, with the remaining 50% being released into the room. This is perfectly suited to houses which are designed to require lower levels of room heating. The technology required for the stove’s water circuit takes up very little space, and safety features ensure that the flow rate is always correct. An added advantage is that the T-Line ECO2 Plus is able to be integrated not only with a traditional central heating system, but also solar or geothermal systems.

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With the current focus on climate change and global warming, a wood burning stove is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a sustainable way to heat your home whilst enjoying striking design features and the benefits of modern technology. Woodfuel can reduce your household bills and your carbon footprint – something the government is keen to promote via the Forestry Commission. The extensive range of designs available from today’s manufacturers is truly remarkable, with double sided fires, rotating fires, unusual finishes such as soapstone or sandstone and fires with food warming compartments guaranteed to add that all important ‘Wow’ factor to your home and lifestyle.

Anglia Fireplaces is the sole UK distributor for Hase, M Design and Tonwerk, along with other manufacturers, and offers a full design and installation service. Products are available direct from Anglia’s showroom near Cambridge or from its network of dealers around the UK.

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