I have attended many talks and presentations since I started my research into how I’m going to create an energy efficient home. Most leave me enlightened or add new information to the bargain. Only a handful are disappointing or leave me with a headache! Very few are inspiring.

I have seen Jonathan Hines from Architype at three separate events and each time have felt something exciting is going on. Yes, he is an engaging speaker but better than that, what he has to say is really worth listening to. We know we have to come to our own decisions about what is and isn’t greenwash. What I like is that when you hear the real McCoy, everything just seems to fall into place.

This is when I’m going to use the word ‘eco-minimalism’. Yes, it sounds a bit flash but in actual fact it’s about keeping things simple and avoiding architectural complexity in order to get more value out of the budget. Architype like to focus on making their buildings ‘radically sustainable yet elegantly simple.’

I was quite interested to discover that making something simple actually takes more work! Part of the reason for this is that you have to keep refining your project and considering what elements could be removed to make things work better.

My latest podcast looks at how this philosophy has been used to create a housing scheme – in conjunction with ArchiHaus – for the village of Kingstone, Herefordshire. This is not a development that has been thrown together. There’s been a lot of research and optimising of every aspect. It’s currently going through the planning stages but I hope it gets the go-ahead because it is perhaps a glimpse of where volume house building needs to be going.

Anyway, find out more by downloading the podcast from iTunes

  • Ben Adam-smith

    Well, this is a bit of bizarre timing. On the day I release my podcast on this scheme, it gets the thumbs-up. From @ArchitypeUK on Twitter: "Our innovative #passivhaus scheme of 150 houses in Herefordshire with @ArchiHausUK was granted planning approval at committee this morning!!"

  • Samuel Joy

    Great news that it’s been granted approval.

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