It’s always interesting to see what architects build for themselves. Do ideas linger for years at the back of their minds or is it a case of you never know until you’ve seen the site?

Fran Bradshaw from Anne Thorne Architects is my latest podcast guest and she has created a wonderful cottage near the coast of Norfolk. There are natural materials aplenty, from the timber frame and straw bales down to the clay plaster and lime render. It’s all topped off with a thatched roof using reeds that were cut a mile away from the site.

Fran’s decision to build with straw came after a positive experience creating an eco-hub in Lordship Park, London. The project involved the community having their part in the design and construction of the building, which is why straw bales were ideal. Fran describes the atmosphere on site as wonderful but once complete there were many comments about how it felt good, too. Using natural materials just brings a completely different dynamic to the acoustics, humidity, colours and so forth.

I have only visited two straw bale constructions and I can relate to this. They do feel different.

So hear Fran’s full story about the house and why it’s more than just a cute cottage. This house will be highly energy-efficient.

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