We have the opportunity to pull down the poor quality annexe at our daughter’s new property and build a new one to suit us. It would be single storey of around 100sq.m. with single bathroom and a shallow pitched roof. Does the calculated price include all int/ext walls, windows, doors, roof, plumbing and wiring?

  • Lindsey Davis

    Hello Terry,

    The build cost calculator estimates the cost of a finished home. This includes what you mentioned above, as well as the cost of a kitchen and bathroom, but does not take into account general furnishings such as beds, sofas, etc.

    You will be asked to indicate what kind of build standard you want (standard, good, excellent).

    This article will give you a rough idea of what each various aspects include, as will the help button (the ‘what’s this?’ link next to each drop-down).

    Good luck with your project.

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