The garage already has toilet facilities, lighting and double glazed windows. We would need to remove the garage doors and install a bay window. The building already has a UPVC door.

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    Check with the council regarding the status of the building, has it had any required planning approval, was the construction legal, if it all checks out I would say the main practical concern is the presence of any rising damp, depending on which era the construction took place it might not have had a proper DPC installed in the first instance, this can be rectified but it can be rather costly, if there is no rising damp then it should be a conventional conversion and will come under building regulations, which means electrical works are to be certified and the room is to be sufficiently insulated to the walls and ceiling, assuming it is a flat roof insulation between the rafters min 150mm rigid foil faced insulation, the walls will depend on whether it is a double skin or not. further consideration to the appropriate heat source probably the simplest solution will be electric underfloor heat mats. Pheiffer Property Services Ltd

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